Visit a practice that can fit contact lenses for any patient from eight to eighty years old

“I passionately believe that I can teach anyone to wear contact lenses. If you have had difficulty putting in lenses in the past or just don’t think you would be able to, I like a challenge!”

Andrew Harman
The Eye Studio

Contact lenses have been a passion for the staff at The Eye Studio ever since we opened our first practice in 1992. When you come to us to look after your eyes, you will find that we treat contact lenses not as a secondary alternative to glasses, but as an equally important option for your eye care needs.

You will find a wide range of choices available to you at The Eye Studio when it comes to contact lenses. Maybe you’re looking for daily disposables, or perhaps you are more suited to rigid lenses that can last you up to a month? Whatever your needs, you can trust our highly experienced staff to provide you with unrivalled care and advice developed through over two decades of fitting and dispensing contact lenses.

You will also receive an excellent level aftercare for your contact lenses at The Eye Studio. This includes regular exams to ensure your prescription has not changed, that your lenses are suited to your eyesight needs and are not causing your eyes irritation.

When we say that we have fitted contact lenses for patients from eight to eighty, we really mean it. Our youngest contact lens patient is only seven years old, whilst our most senior is eighty two! Practice partner Andrew Harman is determined that he can instruct any patient on how to insert and remove lenses. This is true even if you have been told you are unsuitable for contacts or have had problems with them in the past. Let Andrew and The Eye Studio team help you to enjoy fantastic glasses-free vision.