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Changing the idea of what an Eye Examination should be

The most advanced diagnostic equipment for Sight examinations ….. anywhere

Early detection and treatment have always been the key to saving sight. So we have invested in the best diagnostic technology available globally. This means that we can see potential problems up to 5 years ahead of a conventional ‘sight test.’

Myopia Manangement for Children

We now know that continuing to give children stronger glasses for short sight will make their prescriptions stronger.

With modern Myopia management techniques, we can slow or even stop their prescription from getting worse?


Dry Eye



We understand that dry gritty and watyering eyes seriously impacts your quality of life. Thats why we created the specialised dry eye program.

Why we are different

Whether you come to us for an Examination, a new pair of glasses, or something a little more complicated and out of the ordinary, we guarantee the service you receive will be consistently excellent.

You will find that many of our customers who first walked through our doors when we first opened in 1993 are still coming back to us today.

We have spent the last 29 learning and developing as a practice, which is how we are able to offer you unrivalled service in areas such as contact lenses, children’s eye care and Ortho-K.

Innovation is in Our Blood

Always first to make sure new technology makes it to Chiswick. Every new breakthrough contact lens in the past two decades has been launched to Chiswick first by the Eye Studio.

Top new products to watch for 2021

Myopia management

Multifocal Daily reading contact lenses

Miosmart Myopia ciontrol spectacle lenses