Nick Singfield

Senior dispensing optician, co-founder and partner

With three decades of experience in eye care under his belt, Nick is perfectly placed to look after your eyesight and health. Throughout his extensive career, Nick has achieved numerous accolades in recognition of his expertise, including becoming a Fellow of the Association of British Dispensing Opticians. Nick was awarded the Bausch & Lomb prize in 2002 for attaining the top grade in the whole country for his contact lens theory exams; he is also a member of the British Contact Lens Association.

As our senior dispensing optician, Nick is an expert in providing you with the perfect lenses for your visual needs. He is exceptionally proficient working with varifocal lenses and contact lenses.

Away from the practice, Nick enjoys skiing, playing the guitar and riding his motorcycle, and has also recently qualified as a Private Pilot.


Andrew Harman

Co-founder and partner

Andrew has successfully run The Eye Studio with Nick for over twenty years; during this time, his work in the field of optical care has grown as new and emerging products have come to market.

Andrews personal passion is Paediatric Orthokeratology, a revolutionary treatment The Eye Studio has pioneered since 2004.

Andrew is on record as saying that he has yet to fail to teach someone to insert and remove contact lenses. He is happy to be challenged.

His favourite moments are teaching a child how to put their new contact lenses for the first time. “I take them outside the practice to look down the high street”, says Andrew, “and the look of amazement on the child’s face is simply wonderful”.

Andrew rides motorcycles, skis and sails in both spectacles and contact lenses, and so he is more than happy to advise you on optical solutions based on his experiences.